How To Look Cool As Hell When Smoking A Cigar

Smoking a cigar might have been termed as something bad and yet it is associated with success and fame. Which is why there are huge groups of people who still love and follow this activity. If you are not sure how to do it there are many tutorials available online but today we will talk about the fashion and style part of it specially when you are attending classy lounges like buena vista cigar club.

How you can look super cool and fine as hell when smoking a cigar that will turn heads.



If you are skinny or fat you need to get into that shape in which your arms are not chicken bones. Cigars are huge compared to cigarettes so if you are going to be holding one in your hands you need to look a bit muscular. Cigars likeĀ arturo fuente are huge.

Specially your forearms and bicep, because when you’re going up and down taking a puff these muscles toughen up and if you have some muscles to go with it. They will look fine as hell.

Tight Clothesschwarzenegger-paris

When dressing up you need to look tight. No loose clothes, no baggy pants, cigar smoking is a gentlemen leisure and a gentlemen never roams around wearing baggy pants and loose jeans or shirts.

This means you will wear fitting shirts, tshirts and pants. Normal fashion rules apply so you want to follow the same old idea of having your clothes being clean, fitting and matching.

No shiny clothes, no ugly colors. Keep them simple and matching.


When smoking a cigar a lot of focus goes into your hands because that is what is being used the most. So its a good idea to accessorize with bracelets and bands. Again the same rule applies, so for example if you are wearing formals go for a good watch, if you are in your informal go for bands and bracelets.

You can get them anywhere for pretty cheap, just remember not to overdo it. Idea is to look fashionable, stylish and focused on your arms.

Simplicity will work wonders when doing this.