How To Not Look Stupid When Smoking A Cigar

In our last post we spoke about how you can look really sexy while smoking a cigar and how you can pull yourself off while doing so and we got some people emailing us about us how they didn’t know how to smoke a cigar.

So we decided to put out a quick guide on 3 things that you should know about smoking a cigar. We have linked to helpful articles with complete guides that you can follow to learn a lot more.

3 Things To Not Look Stupid While Smoking A Cigar


Know how to light and cut it:

Before you even hold a cigar in your hand you must know how to light a cigar and how to cut a cigar. These are two basic essentials that you have to be aware of. It also requires a bit of complicated process to go through so it will be important if you can learn before hand you decide to smoke one.

Also getting a good cigar lighter and a cutter will help you make sure that you don’t end up ruining a good stogie so make sure to invest some bucks in it and don’t ever ever! use your teeth to cut it.

Don’t inhale it:

Cigars are not supposed to be inhaled, the nicotine content is too high for it. All you have to do is pull the smoke in your mouth keep it for a few seconds and then blow it off. That’s it. The art of smoking a cigar is about enjoying it’s taste and not the smoke besides if you end up inhaling the smoke you will cough a lot, that is a lot of smoke for your throat. So make sure not to do that.

Don’t ask to share one or expect two to burn as same:

Asking for another man’s cigar is a huge sin and must absolutely not be made. A cigar that a person chooses it’s to there own preference taste and flavor so when you ask someone if you can have tier’s what you are basically doing is making them think that you have no idea how a cigar works.

If you know the cigar brand then first let them know and then ask for it.

Also cigars are uniquely made so expecting that how a cuban brand burns will also apply to other brands. Unfortunately it doesn’t so you have to try and experience them to know whether or not they will work great or not.

These 3 things must definitely be avoided if you don’t want to end up looking like an idiot when smoking a cigar.

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